Put Away All The Stuff You Dont Want Going Into It Like Cotton Swabs Or Cotton Balls, Or Pads That You Clean Your Face With, Said Donley.

Also avoid egg shells, fibrous foods like celery, or pasta which expands in water, and store used oil in containers, not down the drain. THE THRONE DO keep a plunger handy and near the toilet. "A lot of people [will be] using the bathroom, said Donley. That's not an issue. It's what goes down it." DON'T put anything other than waste and toilet paper in the bowl. "Put away all the stuff you dont want going into it like cotton swabs or cotton balls, or pads that you clean your face with, said Donley. Make sure folks are putting heavy napkins or paper towels down there." THE SHOWER DO keep hair or other objects out of the drain. "A strainer will often catch the hair, said Donley, making it easier to pull out of the drain. DON'T let people shower one right after another. "Even five minutes, 10 minutes between showers is great, said Donley, so all the water has the chance to drain through smaller pipes than the toilet or kitchen sink. It also gives the water heat time to recover so everybody has hot water." THE WATER HEATER DO turn the temperature up slightly.

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